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The Markets for August 26, 2013

“So much depends / upon / a red wheel / barrow / glazed with rain / water / beside the white /chickens.”   Well, the U.S. Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is a lot more complex than the simple tools mentioned in the oft-memorized William Carlos Williams’ poem, The Red Wheelbarrow, but an awful lot is… Read More

The Markets for August 19, 2013

Robert Burns, father of fourteen and writer of Auld Lang Syne, once said, “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.” Was he ever right!   Here are a few sure things: The Federal Reserve intends to reduce economic stimulus by tapering quantitative easing (QE).  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke plans to retire. Gross Domestic… Read More

The Markets for August 12, 2013

Like the kid who sings loudly and enthusiastically at a grade school concert while wary peers dodge his O Sole Mio arm sweeps, the Federal Reserve has been getting a lot of attention lately. That didn’t change last week.   Markets pulled back from record highs after Chicago Fed President, Charles Evans, who has been a… Read More

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The Markets for August 5, 2013

You say to-may-to. I say to-mah-to. You have to be a careful reader to keep up with the Federal Reserve these days. Last week, the Fed re-characterized the pace of economic growth in the United States from ‘moderate’ to ‘modest.’ According to Wall Street Journal blog, Real Time Economics, “economic data show that ‘modest’ is… Read More

Are rising interest rates really all bad?

Are Bonds the next Bear Trap in your Portfolio? Hello, I’m Angela Bender, Managing Partner of AMJ WM, and Welcome to AMJ Wealth Strategies. Today we are going to look at what really happens to your bonds value when interest rates rise. We’ve all heard the warnings that rising interest rates are dangerous for the… Read More

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