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5 Qualities to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Hiring a financial advisor can be a great way to navigate the complicated financial scene and safeguard your future. But not all advisors are created equal. Here are 5 qualities to look for when you are deciding which financial advisor is right for you: 1. Personality. Your financial advisor’s personality may not seem like that big of… Read More

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The Markets – January 26, 2015

There may be potential for a reality television program starring central bankers and the making of economic policy. It could be called, ‘The Real Central Bankers of the European Economic Community.’ Just imagine the last two weeks’ episodes. Two weeks ago, the Swiss National Bank shocked markets by unpegging its currency and sending the value… Read More

After security breaches, is cash king?

After recent high-profile security breaches at major retail stores like Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s, millions of consumers are left wondering if they should return to using cash instead of credit and debit cards, as well as other cash-free customer payment systems. But, in an increasingly technology-driven society, will security threats make cash king? Not necessarily. Some credit card… Read More

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The Markets – January 19, 2015

Central banks have been full of surprises lately, but not too many people saw this one coming. For aficionados of the board game Clue, here’s the gist of it: Thomas Jordan did it in Switzerland with monetary policy. Last week, Swiss National Bank (SNB) Chairman Thomas Jordan told the world the SNB would no longer… Read More

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Optimizing Your Social Security Payout

In 2014, social security benefits made up 39% of the income of the elderly (on average), totaling nearly $863 billion. As more and more baby boomers approach retirement age, that total will increase dramatically, but unlike past generations, baby boomers are one of the first generations with the ability to seek out information online, equalizing information that only those… Read More

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The Markets – January 12, 2015

You may be enjoying the economic benefits of gas prices around two dollars a gallon, but last week investors were skeptical about the effect of low, low oil prices on companies’ performance during 2015. For the first time since the financial crisis, the price of crude oil dropped under $50 a barrel last week. That’s… Read More

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The Importance of Maxing out Contributions to Employer Sponsored Plan Accounts

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, only about 4 in 10 workers contributed to an employment-based retirement plan in 2011. This means that the other 60 percent of workers could be missing out on one of the most valuable retirement tools available to them. There are some significant benefits associated with contributing to such a plan. And these… Read More

The Markets- January 5, 2015

“…bubbling crude; oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.” The decline in oil prices accelerated during the fourth quarter of 2014. The main culprit was a supply and demand imbalance. Increased production in the United States, which is currently the biggest oil producer in the world, means there is an ample supply of oil. However,… Read More

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Generation X and Last-Minute Retirement Planning

Procrastination is rarely a good thing. When it comes to retirement planning, Generation X can’t afford to wait until the last minute. According to a recent Pew Charitable Trusts study and a PwC survey cited by, Generation X is struggling to save for retirement. Moreover, experts say Generation X was hit hardest by the housing crash, which means… Read More

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