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Market Commentary – May 30, 2017

Is preparing for the future more important than enjoying the present? There is a lot to enjoy today. Last week, Financial Times wrote: “Wall Street ended an impressive week on a steady note – eking out a tiny gain to a fresh record close – as oil prices recouped some of the previous day’s steep… Read More

The Power of NUA in Numbers

You may have heard of the Net Unrealized Appreciation tax break, but it’s important to fully understand the impact it can have on your taxes. If you own company stock in your employer-sponsored retirement plan and you’re looking to roll it over to an IRA, this tax break can create significant savings. However, rather than… Read More

Market Commentary – May 22, 2017

How much is too much? There has been no shortage of drama since the new administration took office – legislative setbacks, controversial hiring and firing, and fiery tweets on various topics. Regardless, U.S. investors and markets remained stalwart until last week when the CBOE Volatility Index (a.k.a. the fear gauge) jumped 46 percent higher and… Read More

The Spousal IRA Beneficiary Decision Tree

Deciding how to handle your inherited IRA once your spouse passes can be a daunting task, especially during an emotional time of loss. With three different options available, how do you know which one best fits you and your financial situation? Your age and that of your spouse typically plays the largest role in making… Read More

Market Commentary – May 15, 2017

Does performance tell the whole story? American stock markets have delivered some exceptional performance in recent years. Just look at the Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) Index. Barron’s reported the S&P 500, including reinvested dividends, has returned 215 percent since April 30, 2009. The index is currently trading 50 percent above its 2007 high…. Read More

Exceptions to the 10% Early Distribution Penalty

Do you need to withdraw funds from your IRA or company plan, but you’re not yet eligible to do so? Even though most investors are required to wait until they reach age 59½, there are some special circumstances that can allow you to access your funds while still avoiding the 10% early distribution penalty. While… Read More

Market Commentary – May 8, 2017

Is it complacency? Exuberance? Uncertainty? Exhaustion? Insight? Intuition? Last week, all three major U.S. stock markets gained value and two reached new record highs. On the face of it, that’s great news for stock investors. However, if you look below the surface, the markets’ upward trend may have you scratching your head. Barron’s reported: “That… Read More

Using a Tax Refund to Fund an IRA in 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve recently received a tax refund, you may be looking for the best way to invest your money. What if you could utilize an option that is both convenient and helps fund your future? April 18 is not just the tax-filing deadline, but it’s also the IRA-funding deadline, and if you haven’t yet maxed… Read More

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Market Commentary – May 1, 2017

It was a good week to own stocks. Not all financial news was good news last week, but that didn’t prevent U.S. stock markets from moving higher. Barron’s reported on the good news: “This past week, welcome political news from Europe, a batch of stellar corporate-earnings reports, and a concrete tax proposal to cut corporate… Read More