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The Markets- July 6, 2015

It’s been a wild, wild quarter. In early April, stock markets were doing so well (14 of 47 national benchmark indices hit all-time highs) that global market capitalization — the value of stocks trading on exchanges throughout the world — pushed past $70 trillion, according to Bloomberg Business. The publication attributed the climb to stimulus… Read More

The Market – April 27, 2015

Remember the dot-com bubble? If so, you’ll appreciate this week’s notable event: The NASDAQ Composite Index, which includes a fair number of technology stocks, transcended its previous high (set in March 2000). Share values in the tech sector gained 4 percent last week, according to Barron’s, as major players in the space delivered better-than-expected earnings… Read More

Where has all the Customer Service Gone?

We have all had the phone tree experience. You know you need some help with something, let’s say a Doctor’s appointment, and so you call the office. You get a recorded voice, sometimes not even human, and a list of five to ten options with associated numbers to press. Then someone comes into the room… Read More